Rental Application

Below you will find a link to download  a rental application that can be used as a guide to assist you in the selection process of a tenant.

You can alter it if you like. For example, if you do not want to charge an application fee simply delete that section from the form.

A word of caution: Never inject any terms into a document that are not legally enforceable and make sure that you do not violate any Fair Housing Laws when requesting information from a prospective tenant.

Did you know that New York State Human Rights Laws expressly prohibits landlords, (and all other housing professionals) from asking certain questions either in an application form, or in a personal interview before selecting a tenant? Asking the applicant’s age or the ages of their children is unlawful.

Never put any questions regarding age on an application that you are presenting to a prospective tenant.

Of course there are times when it is lawful- for example in senior housing. But if you’re not sure, find out before you set yourself up for a discrimination lawsuit.  And make sure you don’t violate the rights of any of the other protected classes.

For more information on the protected classes covered under the Fair Housing Laws of New York State call:
            Westchester Residential Opportunities
                            (914) 428-4507

Rental Application

Need to reject an applicant who hasn’t made the cut to rent out your residential property? Click here for Nolo’s comprehensive Landlord’s Applicant Rejection Kit.

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